17 Guys Reveal The Little Things Girls Do That Make Them Melt

by ogellabufete

The feet thing… too cute hahaha

Thought Catalog

Big thanks to the sweet and willing men who helped with this piece.

1. Mark, 29. One of my exes would make little sounds when she was happy, that I knew she wouldn’t ever make in public because they were kind of funny. Or she would say things with a certain funny lilt that signaled that she was in her element in the relationship, that we were sort of synced. I think she didn’t notice it but I noticed it every time and sort of got trained to do stuff to elicit reactions like that, because I liked it so much.

2. Andrew, 22. A girl I was dating insisted on touching feet to say goodnight no matter what. No matter how tired we were or if we were at odds with each other. I remember one time, we had this really stupid argument and were laying in bed, backs…

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