21 People On The Moment They Became An Adult

by ogellabufete


Thought Catalog

Joie, 56:

The first time the pretty boys called me ma’am.

Amelia, 54:

When my first child was born, followed closely by the second. The responsibility of creating a secure life for your children and giving them the guidance to be independent is staggering. You can no longer be a child or childish when you have children.

Kathryn, 35:

When I had to pay for the electricity, the milk, and the toilet paper. And when I understood why people don’t spend their whole lives in shared apartments in Williamsburg.

Andre, 30:

The day I turned fifteen, I walked in on my father with a woman who was not my mother. I told my mom. On my 15th birthday, I discovered that sometimes you have to be your own hero.

Anya, 21:

When my grandpa passed away, I begged my parents over and over again to tell me how to handle…

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